Tiffany and a wild beast

Tiffany and a wild beast

Anonymous said: Since Tiffanys insta is helloooprincess I think someone who is following her should submit photos because I know I miss seeing her face as well as other people do. Come back Tiff. We miss you. That sounded less creepy in my head.

Ahaha don’t worry, we can all be creeps together here.


Replying to a reply: Nope, she does not have tumblr anymore (that we know of)

Anonymous said: Tiffany's Instagram is helloooprincess or whatever. She had me added then unadded me

Thanks for the info.  I do think that’s actually her too.  You should try to re-add her!

Anonymous said: another reason tiffany dropped out of college is because she said going to art school made it feel more like a job than an enjoyable hobby which resulted in her losing her passion for it :o

That’s too bad.  I took an art studio class in college and can definitely see where she would feel that way.  It’s nuts.

Anonymous said: Sara just replied to my ask from like 6 months ago so idk what's going on with her ... Maybe she thinks this stuff from months ago is current? Idk

She’s all

And we’re just like

pampleemousse said: 1. What offends me? You're sharper than that sweetheart. 2. I don't need to clarify anything, and when you really think about it- would Tiffany and I ever have been friends if I was trying to copy her? No, because that's called creepy for a reason. 3. Unless you would like me to send an email about what offends me on this blog to tumblr then respect my wishes about not wanting to be discussed anymore. There is plenty to talk about without involving me and if it were you I'd respect your feelings

I have literally made two posts about you in the past YEAR, other than people asking for your url.  You still haven’t told me what you’re being forewarned about either.  Those two posts are me thinking it’s weird you and Tiffany used to be the exact same person, and me thinking it’s weird you go back to talking to her every time you say you won’t.  I think those are legitimate points, and it’s nothing new, it’s the same old thing people have been saying for years.  You’re stirring up way more drama about it by sending me these messages.  No one is DISCUSSING you sara, I was honestly super thrown off by your message because this blog posts about you .005% of the time and gets like half a note on each post. I would respect your feelings and not “discuss” you anymore, but I don’t know what would change.  Email tumblr all you want.

Someone is looking through 47 pages of this blog at a tag I don’t even have linked anywhere.

pampleemousse said: After countless asks forewarning me about this blog, I finally popped on. First off, about a solid 80% of all your information on everything is incorrect. Secondly, please leave me out of this <3 I would like to be as far away from this crazy train as possible. There is PLENTY to talk about without including me, thank you!

1. How does this blog offend you?  2. What are people “forewarning” you about? Did something happen?? 3. I have always assumed some information was wrong, it’s just talk, but maybe you can clarify it for us then 4. I am genuinely confused about this message