Anonymous asked: What does Tiffany do for a job? Where's she from?

Last I heard she worked at Gamestop, she’s pretty much just floated between retail jobs for awhile.

edit: sorry forgot to say she’s from new hampshire!

Anonymous asked: u mentioned submitting photos, but don't Sarah and Nicole have some on their instagrams?

Any they have of Tiffany are old, and I’m pretty sure I have them on here anyway.  She’s not friends with either of them anymore.

I think Tiffany’s boyfriend is a keeper.

Obviously I barely know anything about him so I could be wrong, but just from facebook he seems like a really nice, down to earth, NORMAL and not obsessed with the internet kind of guy.  -Tips hat-

unicornlaurel asked: What did tiffany do :/ I used to follow her old blog and came across her again??

She (probably) scammed people through her storenvy account by taking the money and not sending out orders.  And then she wouldn’t talk to anyone about it and would just delete comments on her instagram from the people who ordered from her.  One of the last things she said before taking a hiatus was that she was trying to give people their money back, and I’m not sure if that has happened or not.  It’s been months!

Please submit photos :)

I have said this before and then realized I was wrong, but I actually think this time that I have posted every photo of Tiffany I could possibly find.

If you have any that you don’t think I’ve posted before, feel free to send them my way!

Anonymous asked: Thats not actually a new picture. Shes posted that before on her other instagram (ch3rrycr3ams0da) but deleted it. I have the original.

Oh woops I missed it and thought it was new.  Submit the original?

Huh.  That’s a new picture.

Huh.  That’s a new picture.