Anonymous said: do you know what app tiff uses to add little pictures onto her photos? like in the last one, with the hearts and the keyblade.

No idea, you should ask sara though because she’s been using them lately. -hides because i’m not supposed to talk about her-

Anonymous said: They are just threatened as you are young and innovative :) Were the people who made your job awful male or female if I may ask?

Female, go figure.  Thanks for the support though!  I think anyone’s first year working post-college is difficult.

I like her lighter brown hair

I like her lighter brown hair

Do y’alls jobs ever suck because mine was the worst today. -exhales-

Oh also

If you guys aren’t able to find her livejournal through anything, you can see her old blogspot that she didn’t use very much but it’s  Perhaps that will fulfill some nostalgia for you.

Anonymous said: wait, if you downloaded your feed from google reader you can read it on google reader alternatives? Like all her entries and stuff?

Honestly I have no idea because I’ve only used google reader for about 5 seconds of my life and have never tried their alternatives.  The only way to find out is to try I guess!

Anonymous said: She's 5'5 tall. It's on her facebook. :)

THANK YOUUUU people keep asking me this and I feel like a terrible blog owner just being like idk all the time.  Also are you friends with her on facebook?  If so, you should feed us updates because nothing is visible except some photos (probably not all photos) and… nothing else haha.