Anonymous said: Nikkol is lush-bucket on tumblr :)

Oh thank you!

Anonymous said: I know your not supposed to talk about her, but what are Sara, and tiffanys other best friend (Nicole?) blog urls? they seem cool.

Haha idk why she would mind me directing traffic to her blog, so sara’s tumblr is pampleemousse.  And i don’t think nikkol has a tumblr anymore, but her insta is nikkolalexis.

Anonymous said: What's happening now? Is there any way to get new tiff pictures?

No. :(  Everything is either deleted or private.  The only way to see new pictures of her would be to follow her on instagram, which is probably helloooprincess, and I guess that barely gets updated anyway.  Give it time, and I bet she’ll come back.

Edit: Better idea- follow grey’s ig: m_grey_rubin

Anonymous said: If you became tumblr famous out of no where how would you handle it?

Wait you know she didn’t become tumblr famous out of nowhere right?

Anonymous said: I think the accounts were deleted because its also gone for me. If you go to the link of the page it says the link may be broken or the page may have been removed. I would think they both deleted their facebooks.

Probably, that would make sense.

Anonymous said: I really miss old kawaii Tiffany, I mean I'm glad she's happy and found her true self, but I'll always miss Disney princess tiff :(

Yeah it was fun to follow her back in the day, and I’m sure she still likes Disney!  But I understand your feels.

Anonymous said: The truth is we all like TIffany and we are not bashing her by stating that all the blogs whether they are hate blogs or ones dedicated to her, eventually came overly intrusive. Posting a profile picture on FB is not the same as posting it on tumblr or creating fan pages. Its sad that anyone would have to make a FB account private, but that's what the internet has become as of late, overly intrusive. So maybe her changing her FB was for the best for her personal life.

Anonymous said: Honestly I know it's really selfish but I wish Tiffany would have an online presence again. I'm very sad she deleted her FB, but if she reads this I hope you are very happy and that you should do your own thing girl.

Yep we are all sending good vibes her way.  And you never know, she could always come back!

Anonymous said: I guess the fact that she made her account private was an indirect way of her saying she really didnt want you posting her new photos up.

Like I already said, whether that has anything to do with this blog I have no idea.  It totally could have been.  It also could not have been.

So, Things That Happened Today

1. Tiffany’s facebook is now private, if not deleted.  And the same goes for Grey’s.  Whether that’s related to this blog or not I have no idea.  But it means there will be hardly any pictures posted, and certainly not new ones.  I may make a few appreciation posts or start adding more organizational tags to previously posted photos to set up more links.  I think it would be nice for people to be able to look up photos of certain hair colors, style, etc.

Please let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see!  I am super open to going any direction with this blog.

2. The email that I use to log in to this page acted like someone was trying to get into my email.  I am locked out for awhile now, can’t view past activity or anything, it sent emails to my primary email address about changing my info.  What.  The.  Fuck.  I only use that email for this tumblr.  How do you even get someone’s tumblr email address??