Hello <3

I got a handful of nice messages and people asking that the blog stays up.  Thank you for letting me know.  Turns out the page semi serves a purpose, more so than I realized.

I plan on keeping it up for the time being.  And I know this whole thing comes across like I’m just fishing for compliments, but I honestly was ready to delete.  People are dumb when they can hide behind a grey face.  So anon is off now.  I haven’t received a single message since I did that.  For those of you that don’t have tumblr, sorry some had to ruin it for everyone.

As usual, there is barely anything to report regarding Tiff.  I did see she has an etsy profile (as does Grey), and while there’s absolutely nothing interesting on it, it’s still nice to see her being active on something.

Anonymous said: grow the fuck up. dear god- your lengthy text posts about hurt feelings just make you seem even more pathetic than stalking someone for their "most recent photos and updates" did.

Anonymous said: I think you need to respect Tiffany's privacy, she's obviously trying to move on and not revolve her life around the internet like she once did. No doubt you're making it harder for her to do so by still constantly digging for pictures and information from the past and present. Let her live her life, and why not try and live your own instead of revolving it around someone else's? Are you really gonna look back n think "I'm so glad I stalked Tiffany Mays for all those years." Probably not.

I think you need to not be a shitty person.  I haven’t even posted anything since she deleted her facebook.  My life does not revolve around Tiffany’s, and it’s strange you would think that having a blog where I post(ed) about 2 posts a week means that.  It’s not like it’s hard to find pictures of her- I’m not “digging” for anything.  Are you really gonna look back n think “I’m so glad I said rude things to someone I know absolutely nothing about”.  Probably not.  Not to mention you are apparently just as involved in her life, if not more, than I am by everything you’re saying.

Why don’t you come off anon and we can analyze your life.  Look in the mirror before saying things like that.

Anonymous said: Nikkol is lush-bucket on tumblr :)

Oh thank you!

Anonymous said: I know your not supposed to talk about her, but what are Sara, and tiffanys other best friend (Nicole?) blog urls? they seem cool.

Haha idk why she would mind me directing traffic to her blog, so sara’s tumblr is pampleemousse.  And i don’t think nikkol has a tumblr anymore, but her insta is nikkolalexis.

Anonymous said: What's happening now? Is there any way to get new tiff pictures?

No. :(  Everything is either deleted or private.  The only way to see new pictures of her would be to follow her on instagram, which is probably helloooprincess, and I guess that barely gets updated anyway.  Give it time, and I bet she’ll come back.

Edit: Better idea- follow grey’s ig: m_grey_rubin

Anonymous said: If you became tumblr famous out of no where how would you handle it?

Wait you know she didn’t become tumblr famous out of nowhere right?

Anonymous said: I think the accounts were deleted because its also gone for me. If you go to the link of the page it says the link may be broken or the page may have been removed. I would think they both deleted their facebooks.

Probably, that would make sense.

Anonymous said: I really miss old kawaii Tiffany, I mean I'm glad she's happy and found her true self, but I'll always miss Disney princess tiff :(

Yeah it was fun to follow her back in the day, and I’m sure she still likes Disney!  But I understand your feels.

Anonymous said: The truth is we all like TIffany and we are not bashing her by stating that all the blogs whether they are hate blogs or ones dedicated to her, eventually came overly intrusive. Posting a profile picture on FB is not the same as posting it on tumblr or creating fan pages. Its sad that anyone would have to make a FB account private, but that's what the internet has become as of late, overly intrusive. So maybe her changing her FB was for the best for her personal life.