Anonymous said: One of my friends was on Tiffany's Facebook FL for a long time. Like, YEARS. She recently requested to follow her instagram. Not only does Tiffany deny the request but then removes my friend from her Facebook FL. Isn't that weird? She told me this and I thought it was freaking bizarre. This Tiffany person is strange.

Yeah that is kinda weird.  Maybe she deleted a lot of people that she didn’t know though since she’s being so incognito right now.  I would tell your friend to not take it personally!

Anonymous said: Have tiffany ever lived with another boyfriend?

Yeah, she’s lived with most of them!

Anonymous said: I remember her posting something on LJ about dropping out because school was in Boston and she had to make a 2 hour commute to get there. She also mentioned something about one of her professors telling her that her illustrations were not good enough to be taken seriously and that she couldn't believe Tiffany thought her art was good. That may have also contributed to her dropping out.

Aw, that’s sad.  Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said: do you think tiffany will always stay in retail? do you think she'll ever go back to her art?

Not sure.  I imagine she will stay in retail for the next few years at least.  I don’t think she likes it that much (does anyone?).  I think she’s a really talented artist and want her to go back to it, but who knows if she will.  And speaking of her art… does anyone know why she didn’t finish school?

Anonymous said: what do you think of tiffany's constant weight fluctuation? I like her better a little curvy, she looks so much healtheir

Well I know she had EDNOS, and I think it’s really hard to get that out of your life (or any other ED) even after you have “recovered”.  Even if she looks healthier when she is curvier, for all we know she could be compulsively overeating and then now she is restricting.  I think she’s really pretty at any weight and I just hope she finds balance with food.

Note to everyone: This is my own opinion.  She may be fine IRL.  I realize body weight doesn’t always equal ED.

this-is-howe22 said: Oh my goodness you are tooooo adorable

Anonymous said: Tiffany needs to come back to the internet! Or social Media! or something! I was one of the people who was scammed, and yeah it sucked but she is a person who makes mistakes and we all still love her. I know I miss the kawaii queen!

I’m kinda amazed that you still like her after getting scammed haha.  I think we can all agree the interweb is a more interesting place with her active on it.

Anonymous said: No its not a joke. I work at charlotte russe and I cute my hair like hers and i am going to get a disney half sleeve

Oh.  Wellll that is nice, but I hope you realize how great you are just by being yourself. Tiffany is a babe and into cool things and all, but I personally think people should try to be the best version of their own selves!  I mean it’s one thing if you genuinely like disney and charlotte russe, but I just don’t want you to be doing it out of insecurity because you don’t think you can be amazing on your own.